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Journal of Prenatal Medicine

Sjögren’s syndrome associated with antiphospholipid syndrome and fetal myocardial echogenicity: case report

Case report, 29 - 31
doi: 10.11138/jpm/2013.7.2.029
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Introduction: Sjögren’s syndrome is a rare systemic autoimmune disorder associated with pregnancy (0.3-0.6%). The typical occurrence of antiRo/SSA and anti-La/SSB autoantibodies in the maternal serum can modify the perinatal outcome: neonatal lupus and congenital heart block are the most common fetal complications.
Case: we report a case of pregnancy complicated by a secondary form of SS associated with antiphospholipid syndrome and fetal myocardial echogenicity.
Conclusion: in conclusion, increased attention must be paid to pregnancies associated with autoimmune disorders, since careful ultrasonographic and clinical monitoring and preventive treatment with corticosteroids could minimize severe and common fetal complications.